Understanding the meaning of team and hard work; Maggie’s Story

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Maggie is starting her third season with us, having joined Ideal Cheer Elite in 2015. She was five years old her first season, and other then some minimal soccer and gymnastics experience; she had no real mastery of any skills. From her first day, her coaches noted Maggie’s understanding of our strong hold: body before skill. This concept means that we believe that repetitions, drills, muscle and muscle memories can help safely and efficiently increase progressions. It was apparent that Maggie worked as hard outside of the gym as she did within. 

Maggie has mastered her forward roll, cartwheel, round off, back walkover and front walkover. She is starting her third year on an all-star team and is taking private lessons to work towards her airborne and handspring skills. When asked what she loved about the sport, Maggie said “Stunting, tumbling, dancing, and friends!” And she is a great teammate! She understands that others depend on her and she strives to do her best at all times when it comes to cheer. This past year, her teammates lovingly nicknamed her; “The Beast.” Due to her increased strength compared to her peers and her ability to give her all with minimal complaining or wavering in skills. Maggie is always willing to take the hard road, knowing it will ultimately be the best place for her. She has sacrificed her for teams and gained immeasurable confidence. Prior to joining the team, she had minimal confidence in herself and her abilities, but that has done a 180; she’s basically fearless and willing to give her all whenever she’s asked.

As a parent, her mom Kerri boasts about meeting some wonderful people through the team. She can’t say enough about what it has done for Maggie overall. The BEST thing they have ever done for her, was to get her involved in cheer. She would advise new parents to budget and save money. The actual competitions can get spendy with hotel stays and all the souvenir style things being sold (such as bows, tshirts, and photos).

Maggie is excited to continue gaining both individual and team skills. She wasn’t able to take the summer tumbling class for her progression due to a team conflict. So instead of waiting idle for the next session, Kerri enrolled Maggie in private lessons with Coach Chelsie. She is working towards perfecting her current skill set and adding in handsprings and dive rolls. Chelsie noted that Maggie is highly capable of analyzing the situation and visualizing each step asked of her.


  • Denise
    June 21, 2017, 7:17 pm  Reply

    Awesome! Go Maggie!!!

  • Jennifer Smith
    June 21, 2017, 11:20 pm  Reply

    Way to Maggie! I am so proud of the confident young lady you have become!

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