Starting as a Tiny, Dedicated as ever – Rylee’s Story

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Rylee started with Ideal Cheer Elite in 2015. She began on our tiny team, with a little gymnastics experience but a lot of energy. ¬†Upon her first day, she didn’t have a cartwheel and felt that she didn’t have a strong hold on the basics. With only two years in the program however, she has mastered her forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel and roundoff. This year she has started to perfect her back walkover and grown increasingly closer to her front walkover.

This sport has given Rylee strength beyond what she could have anticipated without cheer. She works hard to single-base girls, by lifting them to her belly button on her own. Rylee has learned to work in a group and lift another team mate in tandem to shoulder level. Not only that but her mother has seen a difference as well. “She is more confident, she has learned how to work with a team. Cheer has given her something to work for, she can now set and measure goals, and has made really great friendships we hope will last a lifetime.”

Rylee will be starting her third season with us in June! She’s excited to see her team grow. Her mom wanted to add that “When we first started I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the first practice and competition Rylee has shown so much personal growth. Every penny and all the time spent at the gym is worth it.”


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