Sisterly Love; From Recreational Cheer to All Star

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Five years ago, Haley and Kendra were active in their local Cheer America chapter. The girls loved cheerleading, and Cheer America was the only local offering at the time. They met weekly, learned jumps, motions, and cheers with new friends and passionate instructors.

That spring, they heard about Ideal. Their mother, Nicole, remembers thinking it was a great opportunity to continue their cheer training and grow to be competitive on a team. They tried out with an understanding of jumps and basic tumbling.

Since joining, both girls have mastered rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, round-offs and back walkovers. Kendra is working on strength training, core development and mastering her front walkover and blocking skills. Haley is working on developing increased confidence, strength and her handsprings, but has recently started to work her aerial.

Both girls maintain positive attitudes, are leaders on their teams and have the dedication needed in and out of the gym to continue to progress in this sport. We love their story, and knowing that we are apart of their journey. They continue to build muscle, flexibility, coordination and skills that allow them to succeed in our sport.


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