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While all-star cheer is a team sport, individual athletes can benefit from group classes. Also, there are so many benefits to our sport, we want to be able to offer training to athletes without the full season commitment. We work hard to train cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts to increase their skills.

Anyone is welcome to take a class, you do not need to be on a current team! Availability for sessions offered is based on registration.

Starting November 1, 2017 all classes will run on a month to month basis. You can join any class and commit for the month, then stay as long as you’d like or until you’re moved up to a more advanced class.
*Terms and conditions subject to change

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Sunday 1-1:45pm Beginner Tumbling 4-6 $35
Sunday 2-2:45pm Beginner Tumbling 7+ $35
Sunday 3-3:45pm Intermediate Tumbling 7-10 $45
Sunday 4-4:45pm Intermediate Tumbling 11+ $45
Sunday 5-6pm Cheer 101 (Rec Cheer) 4-6 $45
Sunday 6-7pm Cheer 101 (Rec Cheer) 7+ $45
Tuesdays 4-4:45pm Parent Toddler Tumble $30
Tuesdays 5-6pm Advanced Tumbling $55
Tuesdays 6-7pm Flight + Leap $45
Thursday 5:30 – 6:30pm Superhero / Ninja Tumble $45

Class Descriptions:
Beginner Tumbling – This class is designed for the athlete that is just beginning their tumbling career. Athletes will focus on creating a strong tumbling foundation while learning basic tumbling skills such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bridges. Athletes will advance to continue to fine-tune their basics skills while advancing to front and back walkovers and combination skills.

Intermediate Tumbling: This class is an introduction to back handsprings. Athletes will work on the fundamentals of a back handspring; including drills, strength training and building confidence to throw a back handspring on multiple surfaces. Athletes will advance to generating more strength and power through their back handsprings while working on connecting skills. Athletes will focus on owning their handspring, generating more power and increasing strength overall.

Advanced Tumbling: Athletes will focus on tuck shapes, bounding for tucks and mastering body control to safely execute a running tuck and a punch front on multiple surfaces. Athletes will progress into building confidence in their skills as well as combining skills through to a running tuck. This class may progress to standing variations and beginning drills for layouts.

Cheer 101: This is our Rec Cheer class, built in a four week process to allow for new athletes to enter monthly, while still challenging returning athletes. They will learn jumps, tumbling, stunts and dance each month as well as a small routine at the end to show off to parents! This class is a crash course in all star and should give you an idea of the variation of skills performed by our athletes.

Parent Toddler Tumble: Children 18 months + will work with their parent and instructor to begin understanding basic body control, weight transfer and inversions. This is an interactive class meant to keep the kids both excited and safe while learning new skills!

Flight & Leap: This class will be an intense strength workout to help with endurance as well as a deep stretch daily. It will help flyers with body positions and control as well as focusing in on flexibility and strength for all athletes. This class benefits any athlete, in any sport.